world`s premier of limited collection
of Imperial Porcelain «Aida»
by Anna Netrebko.

Exclusive Limited Edition

Price: 9 249 €

Limited Edition

1 500
Price: 1 871 €


The operatic star Anna Netrebko presents an exclusive Aida limited edition tea-set by The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory. The World Premiere of the new unique porcelain collection will take place in Vienne, Austria, in December 2016.

The Aida tea-set is the first project by Anna Netrebko in cooperation with one of the Europe’s oldest enterprises – The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory which is producing the highly artistic porcelain. The Aida porcelain collection can be definitely called unsurpassed and extremely valuable for the cultural image of Russia.

Anna Netrebko said: «I am extremely honored and excited about this unique collaboration. I have admired the art and craftsmanship of Imperial Porcelain for many years and I am thrilled to now present my first ever design, entitled “Aida”, together with IPM».

The collector’s tea-set by Anna Netrebko and The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is the 6-persons set and includes a teapot, a sugar bowl, a milk jug and six cups with saucers. All the set’s items will be produced in accordance with the designs created by Anna Netrebko personally.

Two versions of the Aida set are to be released – Limited Edition and Exclusive Limited Edition. The Limited Edition will be produced in 1500 copies in the decal technique with handmade detailing by the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory’s best artists. The more luxurious Exclusive Limited Edition will be available in 50 copies only with completely hand-made painting of each item. Both porcelain versions have the same design pattern by Anna Netrebko with differing background: The Limited Edition version has the rich golden background hues while The Exclusive Limited Edition boasts a wide background palette varying from blue cobalt to the sand color. Each ensemble will be assigned a unique number, as recorded in the corresponding Certificate of Authenticity and Exclusivity of the product.

Anna Netrebko is one of the greatest operatic sopranos of our time. Among her Honor Titles is the People’s Artist of Russia as well as the State Prize of the Russian Federation Laureate. Being the first classical musician who was included to the Time Magazine’s TIME 100 List of Most Influential People in the World, Anna is one of the most sought-after opera singers of the world. An iconic figure on the scene, Anna is extremely popular outside it also, thanks to the versatility of her talent in particular. The collaboration with the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory opens her new and unexpected character line of an artist.

The Aida porcelain collection is created completely basing on sketches by Anna Netrebko, embodying her own reading of the famous Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera Aida. Anna will make a debut in this Opera in the summer of 2017 at Salzburg Festival in cooperation with the famous Italian conductor Riccardo Muti. Namely this music masterpiece by Verdi, written in 1871 by order of the Khedive (Viceroy) of Egypt Ismail Pasha for the Cairo Opera House’s opening, inspired Anna to create the exquisite designs for personal porcelain collection.

The limited edition Aida tea-set by Anna Netrebko and The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory is available for pre-order at the project’s official website Following the World Premiere in December 2016 the set will be presented exclusively in the Imperial Porzellan Wien salon, the Official Partner of The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory in Austria.


Russische Operndiva Anna Netrebko entwirft Porzellantafelgeschirr “Aida”

Die weltberühmte Opernsängerin Anna Netrebko hat ein Teeservice aus Porzellan entworfen. Das Tafelgeschirr namens “Aida” soll im kommenden Dezember in Wien präsentiert werden. Jeder Geschirrsatz ist für sechs Personen ausgelegt. Das komplette Design stammt von Anna Netrebko, die in ihren Entwürfen ihre eigene Interpretation des Vierakters von Giuseppe Verdi an den Tag legt. Die Herstellung der limitierten Marke übernimmt die Kaiserliche Porzellanmanufaktur in Stankt Petersburg.


L’autre Aida d’Anna Netrebko

Que fait Anna Netrebko le soir à la veillée ? Elle dessine des services à thé. La soprano vient en effet d’annoncer la création d’une collection de porcelaine comprenant une théière, un sucrier, un pot à lait, six tasses et soucoupes. Toutes les pièces ont été réalisées par l’usine de porcelaine de Saint-Pétersbourg d’après ses propres croquis.


Anna Netrebko will present in December the author’s collection of porcelain “Aida”

Opera singer Anna Netrebko has created the author’s collection of porcelain “Aida” which will be released in a limited edition, the world premiere of the collection will take place in December in Vienna, the press service of the singer.


Opera star Anna Netrebko creates porcelain collection in St. Petersburg

The Russian soprano has designed her own tea service, named after Verdi’s opera ‘Aida.’ The collection will be released in two different versions, Limited Edition and Exclusive Limited Edition.